Rent a Yacht for a week

Rent a Yacht for a weekEverything you need to know about rent a yacht for a week. Yacht trips are becoming more and more popular today. Surely, you or your friends have already rented a yacht for a week or two and know that for the price it is comparable to a vacation in a hotel. But at the same time, you have the freedom to move and organize your unique route.

Hire a luxury yacht

Any traveler can hire a luxury yacht for a trip, even one who has never traveled by sea, however, there are several points that he needs to know:

What you need to know when choosing a luxury Yacht for rent.

The advice of experienced yachtsmen will help you decide on all details of an all-inclusive yacht charter voyage:

Luxury yacht charter  Caribbean

Choose a travel company with experience and a wide network of yachts around the world. A good indicator is that all your requests for booking luxury yacht charter Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic, or any other region are answered quickly and to the point.

Luxury yacht charter in East Mediterranean

Decide on the swimming region. The waters of Thailand, the Middle and the Far East, the Caribbean, and other “exotic”, as well as not such remote places as the North of Spain and the South-East of Italy have a difficult navigational situation. Beginners should start with a luxury yacht charter  Mediterranean: Montenegro, Croatia, and Turkey.

Rent a luxury yacht

It’s great if your vacation coincides with the optimal yachting season in the selected region. However, the “off-season” also has advantages: a wider choice of options and affordable prices for rent a luxury yacht for a week or month.

When you decide on the purpose of charter sailing (a relaxing holiday with family and children, an active hike with friends, racing, diving, or fishing), you will be able to understand which boat will suit you.

Luxury Yachts for rent

What does a luxury yacht charter cost consist of?

  • Early booking. If you plan a sea voyage for a year or six months, you can save money.
  • The price of renting a sailing vessel is cheaper than a motor one. Renting a catamaran will cost more than yachts of the same length and year of manufacture. The most profitable option is to rent a yacht cabin or a place in a cabin. Also important is the model of the yacht and its size. Think about where and with whom you will go, and what experience you have, and determine whether you need a 50-foot cruise or a 40-foot regatta ship.
  • The year of production. It is not always good to take the freshest yacht – it is offered much more expensive, but it may have problems of “roughness”. It is better if the selected boat is older than five years. A 10-year-old age promises you significant discounts, but unpleasant surprises are possible ( Luxury Yachts for rent ).

All-inclusive yacht charters

  • The usual cruise lasts from Saturday to Saturday. If you rent a yacht for a week or two, you will get a discount. In some countries, it is possible to take a boat for six or fewer days, but at a higher price.
  • With or without a crew. Yacht charter without crew is the most popular and economical. Travel companies offer thousands of options for the bareboat charter of sailing yachts. Motor vessels are mostly rented with a captain/crew ( all-inclusive Yacht charters ).
  • Country of rent. Rental prices depend on the scale and condition of the fleet in this country, the cost of parking, fuel, and other factors. Montenegro and Turkey are the most optimal in terms of price/quality ratio. The starting/ending location of the cruise also matters. Round-trip routes are always cheaper than one way tours.

Additional services and options. Additional options also affect the total cost of the charter. Some can be discarded, while others (final cleaning) cannot be discarded. Always carefully study the yacht rental offers and details