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luxury yacht charter Caribbean5 most beautiful and popular destinations for a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean.  The Caribbean destination is one of the best options for sea travel in the autumn-winter period, when you want to escape from the gray and dull environment to places with beautiful beaches, warm turquoise waters, and exceptionally sunny weather. Going on a luxury yacht charter in the Caribbean in the period from September to March, you can get all the joys of a comfortable vacation!

In this article we will tell you about the most picturesque places for luxury yacht charters in the Caribbean region in 2022:

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The Leeward Islands

The Leeward Islands are full of cruise hotspots that can offer plenty of experiences for fans of all-inclusive yacht charters. Lush landscapes, vibrant reefs, and a relaxed atmosphere create the perfect place for a sailing cruise.

This is a group of mostly volcanic islands, smaller coral islands. The climate in this region is tropical trade winds, which explains the name of the islands, with a short rainy season.

Luxury yacht charter Caribbean

The Bahamas

The Bahamas can confidently be called the most relaxed luxury yacht charter Caribbean sea. Incredibly clear waters, colorful towns, and picturesque nature are the main attractions of these islands.

In the Bahamas, you can swim endlessly between the islands and explore them. From Abacos to Exumas, each of these hundreds of islands is unique.

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The Lesser Antilles.

The Lesser Antilles, in the eastern Caribbean, is among the best charter destinations on the planet. Why? The rich variety and comfortable weather conditions will make you hire a luxury yacht more than once to visit this paradise.

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Winds, seas, and harbors in the Lesser Antilles are almost perfect in 99% of cases, and the approaches to the coast are ideally placed. In many of the most popular charter waters, destinations are located 30 to 40 miles apart or less. Nowhere are there better breezes, whiter sand, and wider harbors. Even if you don’t go ashore, in any case, you simply have to rent a yacht for a week to cruise the eastern Caribbean, at least once in your life. But if you do decide to go ashore, you will see the dynamic cultural diversity that distinguishes these beautiful islands from the rest of the Caribbean.

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Saint Barthélemy

A small island (with an area of about 21 sq. km) Saint Barthélemy is considered one of the most exclusive islands in the Caribbean. Often it is even called that – “the island of millionaires”. Amazing snow-white beaches, clear waters, and many luxury hotels and restaurants allow you to fully enjoy a comfortable stay at the highest level.

In the port city of Gustavia, there are many elite shops and fine restaurants located in ancient stone buildings, which allows you to feel the colorful atmosphere of this unique place with a historical touch. On the yacht, you can visit the most secluded beaches of these places, as well as make an exciting walking trip through the picturesque countryside from the hill of Colombier to the beach of Anse-de-Grand-Colombier. Rent a luxury yacht for Saint Barthélemy and you will experience an unforgettable and sensational trip.

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Since Cuba, one of the new Caribbean resorts became closed to lovers of luxury Yachts for rent from around the world, now yachtsmen from all over the world flock there. Rallies, races and other entertainment are plentiful here, as are opportunities to explore Cuba with its unofficial name Freedom Island.

The island is framed by coral reefs, and the coasts of Cuba are deep bays and many convenient coves. Cuba is known for its long sandy beaches, caves, waterfalls, quaint mountains, as well as low luxury yacht charter cost.