All-inclusive yacht charters

Why are more people choosing all-inclusive yacht charters today?  In recent years, it has been gaining popularity among travelers from all over the world to rent a yacht for a week or two for a week-long vacation with family, friends, or work colleagues. Many people have a captain’s license. But what if you could travel on a spacious luxury yacht with a captain and crew and all the services that a luxury hotel provides?

Rent a yacht for a week

Luxury holidays under all-inclusive yacht charters are one of the most wonderful ways to travel, spend holidays and explore beautiful coastal places.

Luxury Yachts for rent

What are all-inclusive yacht charters in 2022?

Luxury yachts for rent are the perfect way to enjoy a carefree ocean voyage. The all-inclusive package provides everything you need before and during your trip – an ideal luxury yacht with a spacious cabin, a captain and crew (so you can sunbathe and sip cocktails), an individual itinerary, as well as all food and drinks on board, and taking into account any dietary requirements.

Luxury yacht charter Caribbean

A trip to a luxury yacht charter  Caribbean,    Mediterranean, or any other sea region can be compared to a vacation in a luxury hotel by the sea, but with additional advantages – privacy and freedom to swim every day in a new place. In addition, almost everything can be adapted to your needs and desires. For example, if you like a particular place, you can stay there longer, and if not, then just go to another place.

Hire a luxury yacht

A large selection of yachts for any needs and funds.

A large selection of models allows you to find and hire a luxury yacht for any type of holiday. Although all-inclusive yacht charters are usually preferred by families with children, large groups of friends, or, for example, as part of a corporate event, this is suitable for everyone who wants to enjoy a luxury sea cruise. With numerous types of yachts to choose from, covering both European destinations and exotic locations in more remote regions, the possibilities are almost limitless.

You can rent a small cozy yacht for a romantic trip, a comfortable vessel with a skipper for sailing in a family circle, or a luxury cruise ship with a team designed for a large number of guests. All vessels have modern equipment, attractive interior design, and a variety of recreation opportunities.

Rent a luxury Yacht

Popular destinations for luxury yacht charters and rent a luxury Yacht. Anyone who has ever sailed by sea will tell you that it is much more interesting to see coastal cities from the water than when visiting them by land. Popular yacht charter destinations in Europe include Croatia, Greece, Italy, Sardinia, Ibiza, and Turkey, as well as more exotic destinations – the Canary Islands, Seychelles, the Caribbean, and Thailand. But this is only a small part of the places that you can visit by renting a luxury yacht.

All-inclusive yacht charters

One of the main advantages of all-inclusive yacht charters. A luxury yacht charter balances the cost of your vacation because you do not need to spend money on transport. He is always with you. We can get to the most interesting places and picturesque bays. At the same time, do not worry that the bus will “leave” and you will not return to the hotel. To meet the picturesque sunrise at anchor in the center of the bay is wonderful…